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Situation: Sunday 02 May

Today NOAA restricted fishing in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico threatened the BP oil spill - from the mouth of the Mississippi to Pensacola Bay (***click here for map***). The closure, which will be in effect for at least 10 days, is to protect consumers and the seafood industry. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke said, "We stand with America's fisherman, their families and businesses in impacted coastal communities during this very challenging time. Fishing is vital to our economy and our quality of life and we will work tirelessly protect to it". NOAA is part of the Department of Commerce. Support came from Harlon Pearce, Chairman, Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board and Ewell Smith, Executive Director, Louisiana Seafood Board who said, "We Support NOAA's precautionary closure of the affected area so that the American consumer has confidence that the seafood they eat is safe. It is also very important to underscore the fact that this closure is only the affected area of the Gulf of Mexico, not the entire Gulf. The state waters of Louisiana West of the Mississippi River are still open and the seafood coming from that area is safe." Further details can be found here: http://sero.nmfs.noaa.gov/.

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The state of Louisiana has already closed vulnerable fisheries in state waters  within 3 miles of the coast. NOAA is closing areas directly adjacent to the area closures enacted by Louisiana, and is working with state governors to evaluate the need to declare a fisheries disaster, which would facilitate federal aid to fishermen. NOAA fisheries representatives will be meeting with fishermen this week to assist them, and BP will be hiring fishermen to help clean up and deploy boom in the Gulf of Mexico.

The preceeding is origanlly from the NOAA website

Deepwater Horizon Incident, Gulf of Mexico

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As the nation's leading scientific resource for oil spills, NOAA has been on the scene of the Deepwater Horizon spill from the start, providing coordinated scientific weather and biological response services to federal, state and local organizations. More